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Lahontan Jasper

Dead Camel Jasper

Dead Camel is a relatively new find in the Dead Camel mountains of northern Nevada. It's an amazing stone that looks a lot like a map with roads surrounding territories of turquoise blue and varying shades of red and pink. I would classify it among the porcelain jaspers of eastern Oregon as it is very hard and takes a mirror shine.

I bought two small pieces at the Quartzite pow-wow, but was put off by the 25 doller per pound price tag. The seller owns the claim so there's not much alternative. Perhaps some day when I can round up a couple of disposable C-notes, I'll buy a good slabbing piece. Until then, there's pictures. *sigh*


In learning more about the area that this jasper comes from. Turns out the old timers referred to the entire jasper deposit in the area as Lahontan Jasper. Named for Lake Lahontan that is reportedly nearby.

In my obsession, I've learned that there are three claims in the area: Dead Camel, Dead Ringer, and Fire Ledge. I have combined all three into one category since the material is so similar and have managed to acquire some material from each of the claim owners.