Sodalite rough

This rock is one of the few natural blue colored rocks. It is a crystaline stone with varying shades of blue and often is streaked with white coloration. Reportedly, Sodalite can also be found in other colors, but blue is typical. Another blue stone that Sodalite can be mistaken for is Lapis Lazuli, which is very expensive. Sodalite is the poor mans Lapis, which confirms why I have Sodalite and not any Lapis.

Sodalite got its name because of the large sodium content. In case you're curious, it doesn't taste salty (I took a lick.)

A large deposit of the stone was discovered in Greenland in the early 1800's. Since then, smaller deposits have been found in South America and other counties.

Sodalite polishes quite nicely. It appears fractured but takes a mirror polish, and sometimes even exhibits chatoyance. In fact, a Sodalite was chosen by my first customer for a custom pendant.

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